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Il Divo

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The biggest classical band in the world, Il Divo are a must-see act who put on the most amazing show with their pop/opera style.

Brought together in 2003, following a worldwide search by Simon Cowell to create a new music genre combining the art of pop and the gusto of classical, Il Divo have gone on to enjoy unparalleled success.

In that time the multi-national four piece, made up of French pop singer Sebastien Izambard, Spanish baritone Carlos Marin, American tenor David Miller and Swiss tenor Urs Buhler, have sold over 30 million albums, enjoyed over 50 number one records and achieved 160 gold and platinum awards in over 33 countries. In the days of digital downloads that’s no small feat.

Their new album Amor & Pasion marks the end of an era in which they have mastered traditional Italian, musical and romantic love songs, opening a new chapter in their career with a more Latin feel and flavour to it which keeps their act fresh.

It features hits from Julio Iglesias’ iconic “A Las Mujeres Que Yo Ame” (To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before) and Gloria Estefan’s resonant “Si Voy A Perderte” (Don’t Wanna Lose You), and the iconic tango, “Por Una Cabeza”.

On stage the guys have a great chemistry but it’s their voices that really stand out. Individually they are superb but when put together they are a thing of beauty and an overwhelming force of raw emotion.

Nothing really compares to Il Divo. Prepare to be swept away by incredible vocals on a night you will remember for a long time. Secure your break, including tickets, hotel accommodation and coach travel throughout, to see Il Divo with National Holidays today.

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