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The Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Illuminations by Coach

Mention Blackpool to most people and the first thing that springs to mind is the world-famous Illuminations that runs from early September to November.

What started out as a small scale decoration scheme with 10,000 lights to mark Blackpool’s first royal visit in 1912, has gone on to become an iconic British institution and a popular coach holiday destination.

Today, the Blackpool Illuminations is the largest free lighting display in the whole world, that’s as famous as the resort’s fish n chips, rock and Tower Ballroom, attracting over 3.5million visitors to the town every year.

Like everything in Blackpool there’s nothing sheepish or reserved about the Illuminations, as over a million lamps cover the entire promenade in a sea of colour.

So big is the display that it features over 74 miles of cabling and takes a team of artists, specialist engineers, joiners, electricians and mechanics work over 65,000 man-hours throughout the year to perfect the scheme.

So big is Blackpool Illuminations that is not so much a display, but lighting extravaganza complemented by a ‘Festival of Lights, featuring every type of lighting you can imagine, including LEDS, searchlights, spotlights, lasers, fibre optics, floodlights and projections.

You can even get involved with some of the new interactive installations and have your photo projected on the famous Blackpool Tower!

The best way to experience the illuminations is on foot, with an ice cream, bag of chips or stick of candyfloss.

Alternatively jump on an open-top tram along the golden mile or enjoy a romantic horse-drawn carriage for a totally different view.

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