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Coach holidays Penny Lane & Strawberry Fields

Penny Lane & Strawberry Fields


Penny Lane & Strawberry Fields! 

Penny Lane will go down in music history as one of the best songs ever written by The Beatles.

This busy street in the south of Liverpool appears like any other street in the area, but influenced two of the UK’s greatest songwriters of all time, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, through their childhood experiences here.

The two used to meet here when they were kids growing up to catch the bus into Liverpool city centre. Today the street remains a lively area and is an important landmark, attracting Beatles fans from all over the world who want to re-live the lyrics of the song.

Stand “beneath the blue suburban skies” at the same bus junction where Lennon and McCartney used to meet and experience the same surroundings that inspired their music

As you stroll the street you will catch glimpses of iconic buildings referenced in the song. Watch out for the barber shop located in the same spot as the one mentioned in the song , plus the "shelter in the middle of the roundabout”, which although now stands as a building in disrepair remains a treat for any Beatles fan.

After spotting the landmarks from the song, enjoy a spot of lunch in one of the many pubs or wine bars that line the street. Alternatively, have “four of fish” at the Penny Lane Fish and Chip Shop!

Released at the same time as "Penny Lane" as a Doubled A-side, Strawberry Fields was written exclusively about Lennon’s childhood memories of an orphanage on Beaconsfield Road near his home, where he would climb the walls to play with his friends.

The Salvation Army, which ran the orphanage, would regularly host a garden party at Calderstones Park every summer, right next door to the orphanage.

As soon as he heard the band playing a young Lennon would beg his aunt to go to the party.

A nostalgic coach break that unites Beatles fans!

At National Holidays we make it easy for you to visit iconic Beatles sights. Our packages feature both Strawberry Field and Penny Lane so you can discover these famous locations without having to rely on public transport to reach these attractions a few miles from the city centre.

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