Five tips to get ready for your self drive holiday with UK Breakaways

UK Breakaways’ sister company Travelstyle ( specialise in coach tours, but we found there was plenty of demand for self-drive breaks, too. There are many advantages to opting to drive yourself. You can leave when you want and take your own route – including any interesting stops you want to – and you’ve got the freedom to get out and about when you arrive at your destination. Because we’re part of the same company, we can still offer the same unbelievable prices, along with the guarantee that our hotels all provide breakfast, private facilities and tea and coffee in your rooms. Before you leave, though, make sure that your car is ready to ensure a safe and smooth journey.

1) Tyres
Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure – which will be higher than normal if the car is loaded up with luggage. Don’t overlook this one, since handling and fuel efficiency will both be much better as a result.

2) Fluids
Fill the fuel tank before you go, and make sure you also check the oil, coolant and windscreen fluid levels.

3) Drinks and snacks
Don’t forget fluids for you too! You should stop regularly for breaks, but pack lots of drinks and snacks to keep you going.

4) Entertainment!
You might get by listening to the radio, but if you’re travelling with kids then you’re going to need to get a little more creative on a long journey. Try audiobooks, portable DVD players, activity packs, favourite toys and games.

5) Prepare for the unexpected
The saying goes that the unexpected very rarely happens, but when it does, it happens when you least expect it. Plan ahead a little. Make sure you have a spare tyre, some basic tools, a phone and a charger that will plug into the dashboard.

The best self-drive bargains around
Use our holiday finder to search our huge range of self-drive breaks – or check our last-minute deals for ultra-low prices. If you need any help, call 0844 682 8000 and we’ll do everything we can to give you a memorable holiday.

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